Alex Drummond and Mauricio Scott Just Went on an Epic Wedding Cake Tasting With Oklahoma Bakery Amy's Cakes

The Norman, Oklahoma, shop sure churns out some magnificent cakes.

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This summer, Ree Drummond's daughter Alex Drummond got engaged to her boyfriend Mauricio Scott. Since then, it's been a whirlwind of activity: Planning their wedding (likely for spring of 2021), a successful wedding dress shopping outing for Alex, and now, test-driving some tantalizing cakes for their big day.

As we learned from a post on, the happy couple recently enjoyed quite the wedding cake tasting with Norman, Oklahoma-based Amy's Cakes. Based on the photo Alex shared to her Instagram Stories, the couple sampled seven different cake flavors. Cream filling, chocolate filling, jam filling, it appears the duo tried it all on their sugar-filled adventure. In the snapshot, Alex also tagged Houston, Texas-based Keely Thorne Events, which definitely has us our wondering if these two Aggies are tying the knot in the Lone Star State (though the firm offers their services across state lines).

Browsing the photos from Amy's Cakes on Instagram, it's clear that the couple's wedding cake is in good hands. From elegant tiered cakes to over-the-top groom cakes, there's no shortage of dazzling designs to behold. For now, however, it seems the couple is keeping their mouths shut on if they made any big decisions for their big day, and if so, any details on what kind of cake they selected. Considering that Alex is a daughter of cooking and baking powerhouse, Ree Drummond, if we were the betting kind, we'd predict the cake is going to be pretty darn fabulous, whatever it is that they settle on for their big day.

We sure wonder if there's an Aggies themed groom's cake in Mauricio's future. Of course, we're betting that whatever this duo goes with it will be beautiful and delicious.

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And just because we so adore Ree, we have to ask: Over/under on Mama Drummond showing up the ceremony with her mouthwatering chocolate sheet cake?

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