Alex Drummond's Fiancé, Mauricio Scott, Asked Ladd for His Blessing to Propose While Quarantining in Pawhuska

He told Alex he was going on a run, but he actually went to Ladd's office on the family's Pawhuska ranch.

In August, Alex Drummond got engaged to Mauricio Scott in a beautiful proposal in Dallas at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Thanks to her mom, Ree Drummond, we got a play-by-play on all the details of the couple's special day.

But we were also left wondering about plenty of questions about the time leading up to the couple's proposal. Wonder no more: In a new article on, we've learned more about the backstory to the duo's engagement.

The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration with Ree Drummond

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"We had talked about a proposal and I knew it was probably going to come sometime in 2020," Alex Drummond told writer Kelly O'Sullivan. "However, Mauricio really led me to believe that it wasn't going to be until around October or November, because he 'still had so much to do.'"So how did Mauricio plot out this special proposal at Dallas? In April, he first enlisted the help of Paige, Alex's younger sister, to help iron out the plans for the big day.

Then, later that month, he approached Alex's father, Ladd, to ask permission for Alex's hand in marriage while the couple was quarantining in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, during the start coronavirus pandemic. Under the guise of going for a run, he headed to Ladd's office to ask for his blessing in marrying Alex. "It meant a lot to me that he went out of his way to do that," reflected Alex.

Though Ree learned of the big news shortly thereafter, Alex's two little brothers—Bryce and Todd—didn't learn of the news until the actual day of the proposal came along. "The funniest part to me is that my brothers didn't know it was happening until they were in the car on the way to Dallas on the morning of the proposal," Alex said. "My parents and Mauricio knew they couldn't keep a secret, so they were the last to know."

We hope the happy couple is enjoying this special time. If only we could have been a fly in that sculpture garden!

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