"I could not be more thankful that God perfectly placed you in my life."
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| Credit: Parker Chase Photography

Last month, Ree Drummond's daughter Alex Drummond became engaged to her boyfriend Mauricio Scott. Needless to say, we've gone into overdrive scoping out all the sweet photos (like the one above from Parker Chase Photography) from the couple's proposal day at Dallas' Nasher Sculpture Center.

Now, we're excited to learn that Alex has asked her little sister Paige a very important question: "Will you be my maid of honor?"

As recently detailed in an article by Kelly O'Sullivan on The Pioneer Woman's website, Paige asked her little sister to take on this special role on her wedding day with a handwritten note and Veuve Clicquot champagne. The bottle of champagne had a special label on it reading "Maid of Honor" with a date below it saying "Spring 2021 Rosé," nodding at the couple's anticipated timing for tying the knot.

As Alex said in O'Sullivan's piece, "We have not decided on an exact date, but we are shooting for spring 2021. We are planning to tour venues soon and hopefully nail down an exact date, depending on venue availability!"

Since Paige shared a photo of the card and champagne via Instagram stories, we also got a glimpse of what the card said: "Paige!! My sister + BFF! Wowie, where do I even begin?! We have truly been through it ALL together." it began. "I could not be more thankful that God perfectly placed you in my life. You are fun, loving, honest, kind, and genuine. You are my ROCK + my person and I just cannot imagine my wedding day w/o you by my side. I love you so much!! Alex." Below, typeface read "Will you be my maid of honor?" to which Paige digitally scrawled "Yes Yes Yes!!!" for the social media post along with "So beyond excited!"

Seeing as Paige was intricately involved in Alex's proposal—she helped Mauricio plot the big day and get keepsake items for him to display at the sculpture garden—we have a feeling she's going to take a pretty hands-on role in her maid of honor shoes.

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We're so glad Paige and Alex have been keeping us updated every step of the way so far on the road to Alex and Mauricio's nuptials. If only we could be a fly on the wall at the wedding—or more fittingly given Ree's skills in the kitchen, a fork on the table.