Aggie Ring Day ring a bell?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 25, 2018

Congrats are in order for Alex Drummond! Last week, Ree Drummond's 21-year-old daughter got to participate in the special Texas A&M University Aggie Ring Day ritual, and mama Drummond took to instagram to share the happy news.

"Alex got her Aggie ring on Friday. This, in the life of a Texas A&M student, is a very big deal. Ladd and I were there to celebrate along with her and her great group of friends, many of whom also received their rings on the same day," she captioned a series of photos from the festivities. "They all kept going through the long line over and over so they could all be present for one another's ring presentations, which happened at different set times during the day. And while I was happy about Alex's accomplishment, I mostly celebrated the fact that she has found such a strong circle of support in college. Moms live for that stuff!!!"

Alex Drummond also shared photos from the special day on her own instagram account, including a precious photo of mother and daughter gleefully embracing.

The Aggie Ring tradition at Texas A&M originated in 1889, and students get their ring after completing a certain amount of hours towards their degree while maintaining a cumulative GPR (a metric for academic achievement) of at least 2.0 and upholding other academic standards.

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We sure hope Ree Drummond capped off the day with a decadent slab of her signature chocolate sheet cake to toast Alex's accomplishments.