Aldi Debuts Sangria, White Sangria, and Sweet Grapefruit Rosé for Under $5 a Bottle

The new Moiselle Couture Collection is available exclusively for a limited-time only at Aldi.

Aldi Moiselle Couture Collection
Photo: Aldi

Of the many Aldi mysteries (like why doesn't Aldi play music in its stores?) here's one mystery that we don't mind being left in the dark: How do they have such amazing wine for such affordable prices? We'll take it.

Now, the much-loved supermarket has just upped its ante with the release of the Moiselle Couture Collection of White Sangria, Sweet Grapefruit Rosé, and Red Sangria wines. The three vinos went on sale yesterday exclusively at Aldi for a limited time only for $4.49 a bottle. Yes, you read that right, for less than a Lincoln, you can start sipping on any of these three tantalizing varieties. Worth noting: Online alcohol delivery is available via Instacart in locations where permitted by state and local laws. This is helpful news during the coronavirus crisis, as we're all doing our part to socially distance and stay at home as much as possible.

If you're looking forward to that glorious first sip, Sarah Tracey, ALDI sommelier partner and founder of Lush Life, was kind enough to share some stellar pairing suggestions with us, to make your wine session even better.

First up, Tracey shares that the Moiselle Couture Collection White Sangria pairs wonderfully with everyone's new favorite pastime, sourdough bread baking. "There is a reason millions of people are restocking on flour and yeast, searching for sourdough-starter tutorials, and trading bread recipes with friends: Baking is the ultimate stay-home activity," says Tracey. "It's incredibly soothing, requiring all of us to slow down and take our time to let our dough proof and rise—something we wouldn't always make time for during more busy, hectic seasons of life," Tracey continues.

This light sangria proves an ideal partner for all your bread baking sprees of late. "Feel free to get creative and add orange slices or frozen grapes for a lively twist," suggests Tracey. "Craving a snack while waiting for your sourdough to cool? Pineapple poblano guacamole with tortilla chips is a match made in heaven with white sangria. The dip is sweet, spicy, tangy, and creamy, and when paired with the salty crunch of the chips and the citrus zip of the sangria, it's a truly dynamic tasting experience."

When a desire for tart citrus mellowed out with some sweetness strikes, open up the Moiselle Couture Collection Sweet Grapefruit Rosé, which Tracey is all about teaming up with a much-deserved home spa day and fresh veggies with Park Street Deli Cucumber Dill Tzatziki Dip. "We could all use a little pampering right about now. Light a scented candle, draw a warm bath and add your favorite bath salts, and pop on a sheet mask for instant bliss," says Tracey, adding that some essential oils in a DIY sugar scrub and some relaxing music can go a long way.

The wine's tasting notes are equal parts invigorating and nuanced: "The crisp and light rosé wine is infused with the flavors of juicy grapefruit, bright tangerine, and lush tropical fruit," says Tracey, adding that the dip's fresh zing from the dill and coolness from the cucumber play nicely with the roundness of the grapefruit.

Lastly, Tracey recommends combining the Moiselle Couture Collection Sangria with at-home jigsaw puzzle night and Park Street Deli Brownie Batter Hummus with Fresh Strawberries. With puzzles providing a break from television, computer, and phone screens, breaking out a bottle of wine can help make the activity feel more festive (and perhaps fuel your competitive spirit to finish up your "You Deserve a nice long soak" 450-piece "quarantini' puzzle). "This is a red-wine-based beverage infused with hints of pineapple, orange, and peach," comments Tracey, who further explains that the dessert hummus serves as a nice complement to the wine with its rich chocolate and fresh fruit notes.

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Whether you've got a sourdough sprint, puzzle night, a long bubble bath, or a virtual happy hour with friends on your agenda, these are three wines you'll definitely want to have on your rack.

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