To get your hands on the newest merch, you'll want to leave this weekday open.  

By Meghan Overdeep
September 17, 2018

When it comes to shopping, not every day is created equal. Whether you're looking to score the most variety of free samples at Costco or to snag freshly-discounted items at Bed Bath & Beyond, savvy shoppers know that every store has its best day of the week. And now, thanks to our friends over at Delish, we know exactly when to pencil in our Aldi run.

According to the head honchos at the chain's headquarters in Batavia, Illinois, most Aldi locations receive new items on Wednesdays, making it the best day of the week for shoppers.

As Delish explained, Wednesdays are typically when Aldi Finds sections get refreshed, which means you can count on an influx of 40 to 50 new items—from seasonal finds and test products, to specialty items like flavored olive oils.

But before you reschedule your hump day plans from here on out, keep in mind that new items come out on Sundays at some locations. The trick to knowing on which schedule your shop operates. Ask an employee when the Aldi Insider weekly ad comes out.

Happy shopping, y'all!