They're available for a limited-time only as part of the Aldi Finds program.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 10, 2020
Summer Waves Floats Lifestyle Shot
Credit: Aldi

Once upon a time, we loved Trader Joe's. And then we discovered Aldi. Glorious Aldi. It's time to forget the two buck chuck, and appreciate that this Germany-based discount supermarket chain that carries Trader Joe's-style products at Walmart-low prices. We also love that Aldi keeps shopping interesting and fun by regularly releasing Aldi Finds, premium food and household products that are in stores for a limited-time at their signature bargain prices.

This July 1st, we were thrilled to learn that the haul of Aldi Finds—which are released every Wednesday throughout the year—included some amazing food-themed pool floats for $5.99 each. The gourmand pool floats include a doughnut, Popsicle, gummy bear, and pizza. For those who prefer to spend their pool relaxation time on an object that's not part of the food universe, Aldi has also debuted two circular pool floats, one featuring anchors and stars, the other consisting of a red base with white dots. With all these superb choices available, we're going to have a hard time narrowing it down to just one pool float. Though we must admit, we've got a nostalgic soft spot for the multi-hued Popsicle.

Considering a quick search on Amazon for "food pool floats" revealed most prices hovering at $20 or more, $5.99 is certainly a steal for these functional summer pool accessories.

Summer Waves Pizza Float
Credit: Aldi

We don't know about you, but we're certainly antsing for a pool party right about now. Just add Aldi's recently released Moiselle Couture Collection—Sangria, White Sangria, and Sweet Grapefruit Rosé for under $5 a bottle—and you've got all the victuals necessary for fun in the sun.

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What's your all-time favorite pool float? Or do all these trendy shapes and styles make you yearn for the Styrofoam-esque noodles of yesteryear?