This Beauregard family lost 10 of their own—nearly half the total death toll.

Beauregard Alabama Tornado
Credit: TAMI CHAPPELL/Getty Images

As residents of Lee County, Alabama, deal with the aftermath of the monster tornado that pummeled their communities on Sunday, one family in the rural town of Beauregard made a heart-breaking discovery.

Cousins Cordarrly Jones and Demetria Jones told the Associated Press that a staggering 10 members of their family—many of whom lived on the same two-lane road— lost their lives in the catastrophic F3 tornado. The death toll from the tornado currently stands at 23.

Cordarrly and Demetria told the AP that the storm killed their grandparents, Jimmy Jones, 89, and Mary Louise Jones, 83, their uncle, 53-year-old Emmanuel Jones, as well as seven of their cousins by blood and marriage: Eric Jamal Stenson, 38; Florel Tate Stenson; 63; Henry Lewis Stenson; 65; James Henry Tate, 86; Tresia Robinson, 62; Raymond Robinson Jr., 63; and Maggie Delight Robinson, 57.

And more members of this family are in the hospital with serious injuries.

"It really hasn't fully hit me yet. I'm still trying to process it," Cordarrly, 29, told the AP.

"Everybody in this area just about was related," Demetria, 28, added. "It's devastating."

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Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by this horrible tragedy.