These men and women transporting essentials need help all over the country.
Truck driving on remote road
Credit: Jetta Productions Inc/Getty Images

As the coronavirus pandemic impacts communities across the country, more and more acts of kindness are inspiring us during these difficult times.

As we initially heard through, the Eufaula Police Department in Alabama, is just one such example of generosity that's warming our hearts right now. In a Facebook post on the Eufaula Police Department page from Mach 18, the police department wrote, "During this time of uncertainty, untested emergency plans and innovative solutions, we must think outside the box and remedy situations we didn’t foresee." Accordingly, the Eufaula PD has decided to help one group of people working essential jobs right now who may be overlooked: Truck drivers.

"...if you are a truck driver, and need to take time off the road in Eufaula, we will assist you in getting food. With more and more restaurants limiting their dining room access, it is becoming harder for our truck driving friends to find places to eat. We will either go get something for you, or give you a ride the the nearest drive through (if you don’t mind riding in the back seat). If manpower is such that we cannot assist, we will secure someone that can," the post continued, urging truck drivers to call the police department's main line at 334-687-1200.

"We appreciate what you do for our country and our community, and this is the Eufaula Police Department’s way of saying thank you. Drive Safe!" the post concluded, reminding us all of the important work truck drivers do for us day in and day out.

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We're grateful every day for the work of these men and women who often spend much time away from their own loved ones to get goods and food in the hands of Americans. Especially now, we're taking a moment to reflect on just how indispensable their services are to us all.