Busy at the airport at Thanksgiving.
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Missing a flight thanks to long TSA lines ranks pretty low on our list of fun travel things. But overestimating airport crowds and arriving to your boarding gate with three hours to spare is darn annoying, too. What if you could wave a magic wand and time things just perfectly? Thanks to a new feature for TripIt Pro app users, you're one step closer to that super power.

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The popular app, which costs $49 annually for the pro version, just launched a security wait time feature, starting with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. (Note: There's also a free TripIt app that lacks this feature, among other perks that a subscription to TripIt Pro provides.)

"Letting travelers know how long they'll spend in the security line helps them make the most out of their valuable time," said Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt, which is part of the Concur company, in a press release. "This latest addition to TripIt Pro brings us one step closer to our goal of getting you out the door and to your gate as fast as possible," she added.

To offer the service to customers, TripIt teamed up with a partner with specialized technology that keeps tabs on the movement of airport lines, in real-time. The service is available on both Apple and Android devices. TripIt Pro also offers detailed airport maps to help you find that shortest security line, restrooms, restaurants, and more. As for remembering to bring your phone charger? Unfortunately, tha's still up to you. A girl can dream...