Are you surprised that AC is numero uno?
Airbnb Plus with Pool
Credit: Courtesy Airbnb

According to a new survey commissioned by Airbnb, 97% of travelers say amenities impact their travel experience. From pools and AC to plush bedding and wifi, these features make a tangible impact on the quality of our vacation.

To learn more about what matters most, Airbnb commissioned a survey of 8,629 adults on the topic of amenities when traveling. Here are five of their most interesting findings.

1. Southerners can guess the most important indoor amenity.

Air conditioning, of course. (Okay, and heating, too.) Many of us recall that one vacation where broken AC ruined the trip. Not surprisingly, on the survey, AC and heating were ranked number one for indoor amentiites; wifi came in second, and full kitchens came in third. Airbnb Plus, a new collection of homes inspected in-person to meet certain levels of quality, comfort, and design is a good place to start looking if you want your getaway digs to exceed expectations in the amenities department.

2. Show us the pools?

Pools secured the number one slot for favorite outdoor amenities. A free parking spot and pet-friendly accommodations came right after this luxe perk globally, though Americans actually ranked free parking as the most important amenity.

3. Give us something to 'gram.

Indeed, the social media appeal of a vacation home makes a difference to millennials between the ages of 18 and 34. According to a company press release, 58% of this demographic said "social media worthy accommodations" are a major factor when booking a stay. Additionally, the cool factor of amenities mattered to 12% of these survey participants.

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4. Wonderful bedding and towels, please.

In the survey, respondents said uncomfortable beds and towels are considered to be the most bothersome of amenity issues, with 66% ranking this option first or second.

5. Fido-friendly.

Especially for single people, being able to bring your pet along on vacation is important. 31% of single people are most likely to prioritize pet-friendly amenities, while 23% of married respondents gave pet-friendly homes the same level of consideration.