As in, to one-to-two hours a day, max.
Kid on Laptop
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You know that making sure your kid eats well and gets plenty of exercise is pivotal for a healthy heart. But did you know that excessive screen time could be negatively impacting their ticker?

The American Heart Association (AHA) is not being shy about the detrimental effects of technology overuse: They've now published a scientific statement in the journal Circulation stating that screen time (from phones, tablets, televisions, computers, etc.) can be linked to heart disease in that a sedentary lifestyle "[is] exposing youth to multiple pathways harmful to cardiometabolic health." The new statement reiterates their stance that screen time for kids and teens should be limited to one-to-two hours daily.

"Screen time is associated with being overweight and obese which is associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure," pediatric cardiologist Dr. Stephen Daniels, a spokesman for the American Heart Association told CNN. "Once those risk factors, such as obesity, are in play in childhood, they tend to continue into adulthood."

Children between the ages of eight and 18 spend a staggering estimated time of seven hours per day on various devices like using their smartphones and watching TV, as CNN reported in the same piece, and it's no surprise that this kind of behavior doesn't leave much spare time in a day for physical exercise.

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For ideas and inspiration to get your family up and moving and spending less time in front of the screen, follow the AHA's guidelines here. P.S. While we've got you thinking of the youngsters in your life, it's probably a great idea that you spend less time on your phone or using other devices and watching TV, too.