Infamous Louisiana Cat Ditches Life of Crime to Help Pets Impacted by Hurricane Laura

“We figured we’d use our cat’s weird cat fame to do some good for the community.”

Admiral Galacticat
Photo: Heather Bardi

A dishrag here, a bathing suit there… Admiral Galacticat’s laundry heists earned him quite a reputation this summer.

In fact, the gray-and-white “klepto cat” stole so many cloth items from his Metairie, Louisiana, neighborhood, that his owner Heather Bardi erected a hand-written sign near her house that read: “My cat stole your kid’s bathing suit—knock!”

Continuing his adorable crime spree throughout quarantine, the naughty kitty was an internet sensation by early July.

But it seems that Admiral Galacticat is finally ready to put all that behind him. With help from his humans, the felonious feline has reportedly transitioned from a life of crime to charity.

“We figured we’d use our cat’s weird cat fame to do some good for the community,” Bardi told WGNO.

Through “Admiral Galacticat’s Laundry Basket,” Bardi is collecting pet supplies for pet owners impacted by Hurricane Laura.

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“They need all the help they can get. Everyone’s stuff was washed into the Gulf,” she said. “I guess I’m just trying to up my karma, it’s the right thing to do, and this was the best opportunity we had.”

Bardi has placed drop boxes at seven stores throughout the New Orleans suburb. She told WGNO that all the donations are locked in their guest room, far away from Admiral Galacticat’s sticky paws.

“He doesn’t have access there,” she said.

For more information, visit “Admiral Galacticat’s Laundry Basket” on Facebook.

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