Next stop: Lincoln Center!

Little Ballerinas in Pink
Credit: Cortney Bodnar/Getty Images

When it comes to fatherhood, Acers Gill has all the moves down pat.

During a Kiddie Kapers & Company Dance Program recital at Norsworthy Auditorium in Lexington, Kentucky, over the weekend, a member of the audience filmed the devoted dad demonstrating the choreography for his 2-year-old daughter from behind the curtain. Performing for a large crowd, the sweet little girl looks to her dad for guidance a few times throughout the cute clip, and mimics his moves perfectly.


Gills told the Lexington Herald Leader that he hopes to encourage other dads to show their own kind of support for their children.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, has already gotten more than 22,000 views. Next stop for these two? Lincoln Center!