Griffin, who's about to turn 95, is already back on three wheels
florida man presented with new tricycle
Credit: St. Petersburg Police Department

Ninety-four-year-old Richard Griffin doesn't drive anymore. Instead, he relies on his motorized tricycle to get around St. Petersburg, Florida. It's his freedom.

So when a thief recently wheeled off with it while he popped into an area CVS to buy eye drops, the almost-95-year-old was devastated. "Without a tricycle, I cannot get groceries. I have no freedom without it," he explained to ABC Action News.

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Griffin wasn't the only person upset by the robbery. When they heard his tale, the entire community rallied behind him. According to ABC Action News, a staggering 43 checks poured into St. Petersburg Police Department from people across Tampa Bay, totaling $2,445 to replace the beloved tricycle. Griffin was presented with the brand new bike (complete with a lock this time) at CVS last week. He's thrilled to be back in three wheels.

"It's just absolutely heartwarming," Betty Battle, Griffin's daughter told. "My dad told me, 'I'm an old guy. They're not going to care.' Well, it's just wonderful that people do care."