"I want to live long enough to see that baby girl."

In late December, 92-year-old Jean Roper was told she was showing signs of renal failure. Doctors gave her three weeks to live.

"When my family heard this, we prayed harder than we ever have before," her great-granddaughter, Kayla Tracy, shared on Ellen Nation.

Tracy's sister, who was pregnant at the time, decided she would quit her job to take care of their great-grandmother, which she did right up until she went into labor at 36 weeks.

"My great-grandmother would tell her, ‘I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.'" Tracy recalled. "The day Magnolia Jean arrived, my great-grandmother was so excited! Especially since Magnolia is named after her, Jean Roper."

"From that day on, my great-grandmother completely flipped," Tracy continued—a miracle she attributes to "prayer and that sweet baby girl."

"She was getting up on her own, fixing her and my great-grandfather breakfast, even doing chores around the house. She couldn't wait until my sister came by with her brand new baby."

Tracy, a photographer, was on hand to document their emotional meeting.

Nine weeks have passed since doctors gave her three weeks to live, and even though she refused dialysis, Tracy says that her great-grandmother is doing really well. Well enough, even, to get dressed up for an early lunch at a nearby Cracker Barrel to celebrate her 75thanniversary with her husband.

"After being on bed rest from her diagnosis, great-grandmother didn't feel beautiful any longer, even though we all told her how beautiful she still looked," Tracy wrote. Determined to photograph her great-grandparents on the big occasion, she told her she would meet them at home on their Trussville, Alabama farm after lunch—this way "they were still dressed to the nines and she couldn't say no!"

"When they got out of their car, I could tell she felt beautiful! She was fluffing her hair constantly and asking me if her makeup looked good!" Tracy recalled. "I told her, ‘You look beautiful! You are beaming with love.' She replied, ‘That's good, I'm glad I'm still beaming with love after 75 years.'"

"I asked her to kiss my great-grandfather so I could get that sweet photo, but instead she looked at me and gave me this huge smile and just blushed. I said, ‘Alright, I won't look!'" In the end, she agreed to kiss him on the cheek.

"I am so blessed to have been able to capture such true love," Tracy concluded