We're glad she put on her dancing shoes.

Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Don't take this the wrong way, but there's a 79-year-old Memphis woman who could probably whup you on the dance floor.

Josie Howser started dancing at 67 and even as she approaches 80 (a milestone she hits on June 3), she has no intention of slowing down. A profile of the late-blooming dance aficionado is up on the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and it is a heart-warming story.

Howser always loved to dance, although she claims she merely "party danced" (which sounds like something straight out of the movie Shag) until she stumbled into a dance studio when her car broke down and she needed a place to wait for a tow truck.

Since that fateful breakdown, she has been letting loose on the dance floor and even competing in national ballroom competitions. She nearly stopped dancing, though, when her jazz-loving husband passed away. Understandably, Howser found that she had lost her interest in the samba and tango. "I didn't have dancing in me. We're happy when we dance, and I wasn't happy," she told the Commercial Appeal. Eventually, Howser came to realize that her husband would have wanted her to keep doing what she loved.

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This Southern woman has been unstoppable since then, despite the many injuries, including knee surgery and a hip replacement, that would have slowed down less determined dancers. For Howser, though, dancing is the best medicine. "On the day I'm going to dance, it motivates me to get up and get going," she said. "Otherwise, I just might pull the covers back up over my head."

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