Hot property. 

By Meghan Overdeep
August 02, 2019
Real Estate Listing House on Fire

A Florida real estate agent is making headlines for the listing of a condemned St. Petersburg home that includes photos of the property engulfed in flames.

"Bring your Smores to the Campfire and Build your Dream Home," the nonconventional listing proclaims.

The description goes on to explain that the house was "heavily damaged in a fire," and that the city has ordered that it be demolished. But for $99,000 in a popular beach community, it's also a "smoking hot deal" in more ways than one.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the city condemned the house after it caught fire nine months ago.

Listing agent Dylan Jaeck told Bay News 9 that he decided to use the fiery photo in his listing for two reasons: to get attention and so that buyers realize the house has to be demolished.

"The reason why we put the fire picture up is so you know that this property has to be torn down and you can build a new dream spec home," he said. "It's creative marketing. It's a niche. I got people talking."

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Jaeck, who has been a real estate agent for five years, added that the negative backlash he's received from others in the industry doesn't worry him at all.

"Some realtors and even some brokers tried to think that it's looking like it's very unprofessional, that I would post someone's house that's on fire," he said. "But on the neutral side of it, people are thinking hey, he's smart... and potentially it could bring me a buyer."​