In true Disney fashion, it was filled with magic (and plenty of smiles).

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Magic Kingdom welcomed a special group of young girls on Friday, August 4, for an epic party—a princess-themed bash hosted and organized by one amazing 7-year-old girl from Rochester, New York.

Jordan West was trying to make a difference in the world with her family's charity organization, "Champions of Change," which strives to give back to those in need through community outreach. Still, she wanted to do more. Her goal: Host a lavish "Princess for a Day" experience at Disney World. Ambitious? Yes. But after successfully pulling off her first two princess parties in Pittsford, New York, and at the White House in 2016 for more than 130 girls combined, West was up for the challenge.

"She's really excited to interact with the girls," said Olivia West, mother of Jordan. "She writes affirmations for these girls [that say], 'You are beautiful, you are loved.' That really touches me as a mom and I really hope that she continues thinking about others."

West immediately began her fundraising efforts for the big Disney event. After all, it was a difficult undertaking that, frankly, many parents can't afford, let alone a 7-year-old. She was able to raise nearly $10,000, with the help of her mom and through Champions of Change. Along with private donations, West hosted garage sales and pursued the typical business enterprise for kids: a lemonade stand.

She also organized a "Pennies for Princesses" event, where friends and family donated their pennies at a local bank to support her cause. She kept the princess venture capital flowing by selling the children's book she wrote titled, "Princess for a Day," on Amazon and on her website.

Then almost one year later, West saw her dream come to life. Finally, she was able to invite 14 girls, many of whom were foster kids, to Disney World for a fun-filled day of rides and character meet and greets. Each girl was treated to a pampering experience and magical makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Cinderella's Castle. In addition to being dressed in beautiful gowns—all fit for a princess, of course—the girls also received park passes and pink gift bags.

One Florida mother, who brought her foster daughter and three other girls to the event, told ABC News that the party went very well.

Taren Sykes Harris, spokesperson for the Pinellas Council On Adoptable Children in conjunction with Pinellas County Foster Care Association, agreed with Mitchell's assessment of the princess party.

"I know all the children had a wonderful time at the event and it was overwhelming," Harris said. "It was an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. We were so grateful and honored to participate."

After amassing tons of thank-you notes from the 14 girls in attendance and their foster moms, West's mother, Olivia, was grateful that her daughter was able to help those who are less fortunate.

"Learning about foster care and [how] some of these kids have traumatic experiences and unpleasant memories, it's nice to be able to place some great memories in their memory box," Olivia told ABC News.

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Jordan is already busy making plans to host more princess parties in the near future for other young girls.