Slurpees up!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 21, 2019
Credit: 7-Eleven

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven knows a thing or two about convenience. Now, the popular chain is looking to prove it knows comfort, too.

The newly opened test store will sell coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, a bar with wine, beer, kombucha, and more, and even a branch of Laredo Taco Company with both indoor and also outdoor seating.

Credit: 7-Eleven

The section of space called "The Cellar" will offer a diverse menu of wines, beers, and a growler station to take local brews home. The so-called "lab store" will also peddle plenty of snacks, including frozen yogurt and ice cream with toppings and freshly-baked cookies. The new concept is at the Sylvan | Thirty retail and restaurant development on Sylvan Avenue, north of Interstate 30, under two miles away from the original Southland Ice House in Oak Cliff where 7- Eleven debuted its convenience store concept more than 90 years ago.

Credit: 7-Eleven

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"Convenience retailing is light years away from the days of bread and milk being sold from ice docks in 1927, and the industry is changing at a faster rate than ever before," 7-Eleven's vice president and chief operating officer Chris Tanco said in a press release. "7-Eleven stays at the forefront by pushing the boundaries and being unafraid to try new things. This new lab store will serve as a place to test, learn and iterate on new platforms and products simultaneously to see what really resonates with customers and how we can take those learnings systemwide."

Credit: 7-Eleven

We never thought we'd see the day, but date night at 7-Eleven? Sign us up.