Caller salvation is a few taps away.
iPhone User in Field
Credit: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

At a concert and getting poor cell reception? Enjoying a cookout in the sticks? Lazing at the lake house where the nearest hint of civilization is about five dirt roads away? Well, you're having a grand time, but you need to make a call and your service isn't very strong. Now what?

For iPhone users, it turns out there's a little-known code that may help boost your cell reception: *3370#, followed by tapping the "call" button. "If you ever find yourself somewhere getting poor cellphone reception, type in this code to turn on 'enhanced full rate' mode," writes Jayna Taylor-Smith on Reader's Digest. "EFR mode improves your cell reception, but your battery life might be compromised."

Multiple outlets, like fact-checking site Snopes, confirm that while the code enhances sound quality, it will drain your battery faster, so if you don't have a charger handy, beware. Also worth noting: The special calling mode may not work on all cell phone provider networks.

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But if you're in a pinch and not having luck with making calls — unless, of course, you're at the dinner table — go ahead and *3370# your way out of that dirt road vortex.