"24 karat waffles everywhere..."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 12, 2018
Waffle House Song
Credit: instagram.com/karliedmusic

Step aside, Chick-fil-A rap. There's a new chain restaurant parody in town.

Throw your hands up in the sky for this brilliant Waffle House ode that pays homage to the syrup-drenched goodness that is a Waffle House waffle.

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"Put your maple syrup to the moon," singer and songwriter Karlie D. kicks off the playful tune with music by Ciroc Obama. Filmed in a home kitchen, Karlie D. sports a Waffle House tee-shirt as she serenades listeners with a tale of "chocolate chip, regular, and even pecan [waffles] too." Set to Bruno Mars' popular single "24K Magic," whose eponymous album recently won the GRAMMY for Album of the Year, the upbeat tune is an ideal canvas to wax poetic about the beloved breakfast staple. Watch below.

P.S. Waffle House execs: When can we expect to see 24 karat waffles on the menu? This little jam sure has us drooling already...