By Melissa Locker
May 16, 2019
Augusta National Golf Clubhouse
Credit: Augusta National/Getty Images

If you have ever dreamed of standing on the perfectly manicured greens at Georgia's Augusta National golf course for the Masters tournament—or picking up one of their famed $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches—now is the chance to try.

The application window for tickets to watch the 2020 Masters is now open. Golf fans (and pimento cheese sandwich enthusiasts) can apply for the chance to purchase tickets at to see practice rounds and daily tournament tickets. It's famously hard to score tickets to the Masters as they limit crowds to keep the tournament civilized and the audience manageable and on their best behavior. The good news is that everyone is on equal footing when it comes to the chance to purchase tickets, as applications are chosen by random selection.

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If you want to go see golf magic, you need to get your application in before the deadline, which for both practice rounds and daily tournament tickets is June 2. From there, the folks will select applications first for daily tournament tickets, immediately followed by the selection for practice round tickets. All applicants will be notified in July via email when the random selection is complete. If your application is chosen, you then have the opportunity to purchase tickets, with practice round tickets going for $75 or daily tournament at $115.

Once you have the tickets, learn the Masters' etiquette rules, clear your schedule for April 6-12 when the 2020 Masters will be held, and plan your pilgrimage to Augusta.