It was the snuggle aww'd round the world.

James Herald Spring Holding Great Grandson
Credit: Facebook/Jason Zwolak

Initially, James Herald Spring—aka "Pop"—was hesitant about holding his 5-day-old great-grandson Easton, but his family members persisted. "I don't want to drop him," the 105-year-old said when they suggested he hold the newborn.

"You're not going to drop him," they assured him. "Just put your arms out." And so Easton's mom placed her infant son in his great-grandfather's outstretched arms.

What happened next is guaranteed to melt even the most hardened of hearts.

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With the baby in his arms, Pop immediately transformed, snuggling the little boy under his neck and cooing happily. Easton's dad just so happened to be recording the emotional moment, and shared it on Facebook Live. Nearly two months later, the video now has more than 16 million views.

You can watch the heart-melting moment above. We dare you not to cry.