"I missed my nap for this!" Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins quipped at the finish line.

By Meghan Overdeep
July 26, 2017
101 Year Old Runner
Credit: USATF

At 100-years-old, Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins realized she could run. "I'm always outside and the phone always rings, and I come running in," Hawkins, now 101, recently told the Washington Post. "That's how I knew I could run." With family and friends calling often to check up on her, her phone rings a lot.

Hawkins, a widowed former schoolteacher from Baton Rouge, Louisiana doesn't just run, she runs. In fact, at the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships this past weekend, she won the 100-meter dash in 40.12 seconds, shaving more than six seconds off the world record for women aged 100 or older, the Washington Post reports. ""[I] missed my nap for this," she quipped at the finish line.

And that's not even her best time! Earlier this month, at the National Senior Games in Birmingham, AL., Hawkins ran the dash in a staggering 39.62 seconds. If either of those two time are certified in December, the great-grandmother will become the official world-record holder.

"I just like the feeling of being independent and doing something a little different and testing myself, trying to get better. I want to please my family is the other thing," Hawkins, an avid bicycler told the Post. "Having a momma that can do this pleases them, and it pleases me to please them."

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Hawkins runs and bikes daily in her neighborhood, and credits her good health to avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and to simply being active, she told The Advocate. She also picked a good husband. "One of the best things I can tell anybody is to marry a good man," she told the newspaper. " I just think it was awesome and amazing."

You go girl!