Lucille Hardrick
Credit: Gary Cosby Jr. / The Tuscaloosa News

Some centenarians attribute their longevity to surrounding themselves with loved ones. Others to regular exercise. Others, a spot of whiskey. Lucille Hardrick, who turned 100 on June 1st, 2019, isn't sure what the secret is.

Some of the reason she's been able to make it to 100, though, is simple: "I go by the golden rule," she told The Tuscaloosa News. "I try to treat people the way I want to be treated."

A retired teacher, Hardrick once logged long and rewarding hours working in Moundville, Alabama schools until she retired in 1976. Now, Hardrick sticks to a daily routine: Rising at 7:00am, making breakfast, and then gardening for a few hours.

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According to Hardrick's son, Willis, his "...momma has not had a bill or anything on credit since 1968." Perhaps it's her thriftiness, too, that has kept her sane and healthy all these years.

We're sending our happiest of birthday wishes your way, Lucille. She may have joked to The Tuscaloosa News "I feel 200 years old sometimes," but we know age is but a number for this fun-loving, sweet spirit.