This Boiled Egg Peeler Makes Seriously Easy Work Of Deviled Eggs

No more pesky shards of shell.

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Classic Deviled Eggs
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Hard-boiled eggs are an important ingredient in many of our favorite Southern recipes, including Classic Deviled Eggs, Southern-Style Potato Salad, and The Masters Egg Salad. The only downside of making these delicious bites and spreads is that they require a large amount of hard-boiled eggs, which also means that they call for peeling those hard-boiled eggs. The payoff of painstakingly getting rid of every pesky shard of shell is always worth it, but anyone who has ever made enough deviled eggs for a crowd is bound to wish there was a better way. 

Turns out, there is such a kitchen tool that can help with that, and thousands of Amazon shoppers can vouch for it. The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler is here to help you shake your way out of hand-peeling dozens of boiled eggs. The concept of the handheld gadget seems curious at first, but reviewers swear by the efficiency and success of it. 

Negg Boiled Egg Peeler SL


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The clear capsule fits one individual boiled egg inside for each use. You’re instructed to add a little bit of water (around one-fourth cup) inside the capsule before adding the egg and securing the top. Then, you shake! Shake the capsule for as long as it takes to see the white of the egg appear. It’s recommended that anywhere from just 4 to 12 “shakes” is usually sufficient. Remove the egg from the capsule, and you are able to easily pull off the entirety of the shell. 

Videos of the Negg Boiled Egg Peeler on Amazon by the brand and reviewers seem to show that it is as simple and straightforward as that. The shaking motion combined with the water helps to soften, crack, and make the shell ready to slip off the egg. All you have to do afterwards is refresh the water if too many shell pieces broke off inside the capsule, and repeat with however many eggs desired. All in all, it promises a quick and easy process.

As a fair warning, super fresh eggs can tend to have more reluctant shells and membranes, so some cases might require manual help. Other tips for the Negg Boiled Egg Peeler is to use enough force for the egg to hit both ends of the capsule, but not so aggressively that it smushes the interior of the boiled egg. After slipping the shell off the egg, it can be helpful to rinse under cold water to ensure there are no small pieces of shell stuck on the outside, much like when hand-peeling. Customers also rate this tool as easy to clean, as well as perfect as a gift. Perhaps, for whoever in the family that always takes on the responsibility of bringing deviled eggs to the holiday meal, cookout, or party? 

While this is certainly a niche kitchen tool that can only really be used for one thing, it can be a time-saving game-changer for anyone that loves to eat or cook with hard-boiled eggs.

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