Becoming a new mother can be stressful! Help reduce the anxiety by adding these 7 products to your daily routine, as told by our friends at Coinage.

Getting sleep with a newborn is a hard task! This Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist will gift your bed with calming essential oils. Before you go to sleep, spritz the scent on your pillows and sheets. You’ll be in dreamland before you know it.

This white noise machine will dull outside noises and won’t distract your baby’s slumber. So, it's perfect for mommy-and-me nap time.

A hungry baby is never a happy one. Make breastfeeding less cumbersome with a nursing scarf. Convenient to wear, loop the fabric over your body like a sash and you’re good to go. Once you’re done, the accessory can also be worn as an infinity scarf.

Nothing is more frightening to a new mom than a sick baby. Easily check their temperature with a pacifier thermometer. The device remembers the results of the last temperature reading, making for less you need to remember.

Get chores done or style your hair with this hands-free baby carrier. The Baby Bjorn will keep your baby safe as you finally get some “me” time.

Ease muscle and back pain by purchasing a foam roller. You’ll be able to relieve tenderness in moments!

Keep an eye on your baby with a video monitor. The camera features a zoom lense as well as night vision. You can also speak to your child or play music using the microphone feature. All anxiety will be gone knowing your baby is sleeping gracefully.

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