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By Betsy Cribb
Pink Peony Ombre Centerpiece
An ombré arrangement is easy to create. Place a dampened block of florist foam into a vessel. Then, working in groups of three, insert white garden roses into one side of the florist foam. Next, place light pink roses and ranunculusin the center. On the remaining side, add deep pink peonies. Fill in any gaps with greenery.
| Credit: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

When I asked our senior stylist (and all-around floral-arranging guru) Buffy Hargett Miller about the best flowers to give my mom for Mother's Day, she didn't even take a second to think about her answer: "Peonies!"

While peonies are Buffy's personal favorite, that's not the only reason the picture-perfect blossoms should be your go-to flowers for your mama, she says. Here, three more reasons why peonies should always be your first pick for celebratory Mother's Day blooms.

1. They're in season.

While the window for sourcing peonies from around the world lasts longer, there's just a short season when you can find peonies grown around the South, says Buffy. And that season just so happens to fall in May, right around Mother's Day. Coincidence? We think not. (Pro tip: Don't be alarmed if the peony looks like a little ball, says Buffy. Simply place the peony in a vase of warm water and place in a warm spot. It will open up in 2 to 3 days. If it needs a little help, just peel back the guard leaves and give it a light shake.)

2. Less is more.

While peonies are typically on the pricier side, you don't have to buy a full bouquet of peonies to get the job done. In fact, says Buffy, because peonies are "big show" blossoms, you only need one peony to make an impact. Pop it in a bud vase with a little eucalyptus (or let the peony shine solo), and you're all set. Of course, celebrating Mama is always worth the splurge, so go crazy and buy a dozen peonies if you prefer.

3. They're easily accessible.

Despite their short season, it's easy to get your hands on peonies this time of year, says Buffy. And while you can always source peonies from your neighborhood florist, you can also buy them by the bunch at your local wholesale florist or even grocery stores like Whole Foods. Some grocery stores will even sell flowers by the stem.

And if peonies aren't your mama's thing, lilies and garden roses make for equally stunning gifts, says Buffy. Like peonies, lilies are showstoppers, and all you need is one flower to make an impact. Garden roses look especially pretty when clustered together in a small vase. Just be sure to buy an odd number of blooms, like 3 or 5, says Buffy, as that looks better in the vase.

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What flowers will you gift your mama this Mother's Day? Share your favorites in the comments.