These Are The Pies Southerners Are Hungriest For This Holiday Season

The findings of this study may surprise you.

Pies on a fall themed table

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As the holidays approach and people start digging for recipes to wow their guests, it turns out that pie is having a very big year. “Searches for ‘holiday pie recipes’ are 70% greater than last year,” according to new research data that Pinterest shared with Food and Wine. To come to its conclusion, the team at Pinterest looked at internal search data for each U.S. state, specifically looking at what people were searching in October 2022 vs. October 2021 and found that many more people are searching for new pie recipes online. 

The pie recipes people are searching for aren’t your typical holiday fare, either. Typically Thanksgiving and Christmas pies tend toward fall flavors like pumpkin, pecan, or cranberry. This year, though, Pinterest found that people seem to be in the mood for something a little different. The company reports that “the top trends by state show that traditionally summer fruits like peach, cherry and lemon, are amongst the top trending for the holidays.” Lemon and peach pies at Thanksgiving? Sign us up (as long as they’re served alongside pumpkin pie).

While apple is reportedly the most popular ingredient, making up 36% of pie searches, Southerners do things a little differently. We’re looking at you, Florida. 

Here are the most popular pie recipes that folks in Southern states searched for on Pinterest:

Alabama: Pecan pie cobbler

Florida: Pumpkin pie in a cup

Georgia: Blueberry pie recipe

Louisiana: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Mississippi: Chocolate pie recipe

North Carolina: Chocolate pie recipe

South Carolina: Lemon meringue pie recipe

Tennessee: Fudge pie recipe

Texas: Pecan cream pie recipe

Virginia: Cherry pie filling recipes

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