These Are The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2022

Did your furry friend’s moniker make the list?

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The top pet names of the year have been revealed!

Rover has released its 10th annual Top Pet Names report, offering a fascinating insight into how pet parents chose to name their cats and dogs this year. 

After claiming the #1 spot nine years in a row, Bella was eclipsed by Luna as the most popular female dog name in 2022, making Luna the #1 name for both female dogs and cats for the first time. Max took the top spot for male dogs once again—marking ten consecutive years of the name’s popularity—with Oliver in first place for male cats.  

Digging deeper into the results, we’re most intrigued by how many pet parents looked to popular culture for naming inspiration. The name Yellowstone is reportedly trending up 485% for dogs, with Dutton (294%), Teeter (125%), Rip (100%), John (81%), Beth (64%), and Kayce (31%) also trending up. The top trending Yellowstone-inspired name for cats is Dutton, up 682%. 

People also took inspiration from the beloved celebrities who passed away in 2022. Those names include: Ivana (285%), Betty (32%), Estelle (18%), and Meatloaf (16%) for dogs and Judd (319%), Betty (47%), and Russell (32%) for cats.

“Looking back at the last ten years of pet names data, we can see that the humanization of pets has become an increasingly influential macro trend for pet naming conventions,” Kate Jaffe, trend expert at Rover, said in a news release. “Rover’s database of millions of user-submitted pet names reveals how names we lovingly choose for our pets reflect our passions and lifestyles, and often serve as a time capsule for the moment we welcomed them into our families.”    

Did your furbaby make the top 10? Keep scrolling to find out. 

Most Popular Dog Names Of 2022:

  1. Max (boy); Luna (girl)
  2. Charlie (boy); Bella (girl)
  3. Cooper (boy); Daisy (girl)
  4. Milo (boy); Lucy (girl)
  5. Buddy (boy); Lily (girl)
  6. Rocky (boy); Zoe (girl)
  7. Bear (boy); Lola (girl)
  8. Teddy (boy); Sadie (girl)
  9. Duke (boy); Bailey (girl)
  10. Leo (boy); Stella (girl)

Most Popular Cat Names Of 2022:

  1. Oliver (boy); Luna (girl)
  2. Milo (boy); Lily (girl)
  3. Leo (boy); Bella (girl)
  4. Charlie (boy); Lucy (girl)
  5. Max (boy); Nala (girl)
  6. Loki (boy); Callie (girl)
  7. Simba (boy); Kitty (girl)
  8. Jack (boy); Cleo (girl)
  9. Ollie (boy); Willow (girl)
  10. Jasper (boy); Chloe (girl)
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