15-Year-Old Chihuahua Sisters Nicknamed “The Golden Girls” Adopted Together From Alabama Shelter

“I opened the link, and saw it, and I thought that I just have to help them. I cannot see them separated.”

Golden Girls Chihuahuas

Montgomery Humane Society

Three Alabama sisters will live out the remainder of their golden years together thanks to a couple with a soft spot for senior chihuahuas.  

Yoda, Missy, and Ginger were surrendered to Montgomery Humane Society due to the health of their previous owner. The 15-year-old pups, nicknamed “The Golden Girls” by staff, have spent their entire lives together. 

“The three senior girls need adopters that will be willing to take them as they are! They may not have a long time left, but they deserve love until their very last moments!” the shelter wrote on Facebook last week, acknowledging that adopting them out together would be “next to impossible.”

Fortunately, the post made its way to Janet Ealum. 

“I opened the link, and saw it, and I thought that I just have to help them,” she told WALA. “I cannot see them separated.”

Ealum and her husband previously had three chihuahuas, who all died in quick succession. She told the local news station that Montgomery Humane Society’s Golden Girls seemed like a sign.

“When I saw these three, I just thought to myself that that would have been my three in the shelter,” Ealum explained to WALA. “I would have thanked God in heaven for somebody to have kept my three together.”

Yoda, Missy, and Ginger are currently settling into their new home. According to Ealum, the girls are thriving in their second act. 

“Appetites are excellent, they have wonderful appetites,” she told WALA. “I just wish people would give the seniors a chance too.”

Thank you for being a friend, Janet!

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