Mom, Dad, And Daughter All Graduated From Texas Lutheran University On The Same Day

Adams Family at TLU Graduation

Dustin Wyatt

Graduations are typically a family affair, but the Adams family of Cibolo, Texas, took “family affair” to another level - when mom Robyn, dad Greg and daughter Ashley all graduated from Texas Lutheran University on the same day.  

This was the first time in the university’s history that a student graduated with both of her parents, according to a release ahead of the big day.  

For daughter Ashley, an Education major, going to college alongside her parents brings her an immense feeling of pride.  

“I am so lucky and proud to call them my parents.  Graduating with my family is by far going to be one of the most special moments of my life,” she said before the ceremony on May 13. 

Attending college with her parents is also a great conversation starter.  

“This is my fun fact when I meet people,” she said.  

Ashley was already enrolled at TLU when her parents started considering going there too.  

Robyn was seeking a Masters in Accountancy with hopes of becoming a CPA. After spending 22 years in the military, Greg had begun a business degree at a community college and he wanted to transfer.  

They wouldn’t do it, though, until they made sure their daughter approved. She never hesitated and immediately gave them her blessing.  

Ashley said her parents developed a “presence on campus” - her mom became like a surrogate mom to other students and her dad Greg got to be a college athlete, joining TLU’s golf team.  

“I can’t express how proud I am of my parents for not only going back to school, but making the most of their time here,” Ashley said.  

For mom Robyn and dad Greg, that feeling of pride is mutual.  

“I’m so very proud of all of Ashley’s accomplishments and the woman she is becoming,” Greg said.  

“I thank her for allowing us the opportunity to attend TLU and for allowing us to watch her develop into the person she is.”  

After a family trip to Hawaii to celebrate their graduations, all three will get to work in their fields of study - Ashley as a math teacher and track and field coach, Greg in Human Resources at Randolph Air Force Base and Robyn as an associate auditor for a CPA firm.  

“It’s amazing to see them turning yet another page to start a new chapter of their lives,” Ashley said. 

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