Major Milestone Parties Are Trending For 2023, And We Can't Wait To Celebrate

It’s time to party… a lot.

Find a reason to celebrate and hold on tight. After so many postponed weddings and Zoom parties, we’re not letting any milestone go under the radar. In 2023, we’re celebrating everything and anything.

“People are ready to get back and celebrate,” says Tiffany Pilgrim, owner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana event planners, August Events. “I think everyone's more interested in their quality of life being a little bit better and slowing down to celebrate with each other."

Party guests

Bree Woolly; Courtesy August Events

Fueled by an eagerness to celebrate our successes with our loved ones (and perhaps even some pressure from social media, according to Nashville event planner Christina Logan), Southerners are getting the party started at increasing rates. And it’s not just that experts think we’ll be celebrating more in 2023, either, but that we’ll also be celebrating bigger

“People are going bigger and even if it's a smaller event, we're seeing people more willing to invest in the celebration. They're elevating it. Making it more over the top,” says Pilgrim, citing 500-people holiday parties and weddings with a whopping guest list of 700+.

Listen up party people, here are the trending milestones we’ll be celebrating in 2023.

Big Birthdays

While birthdays like 21, 50, and 75 will never lose their special charm, we’re expanding our birthday bash horizons. We’re done with limiting the years worth celebrating. 

“It's a trend to have an over-the-top birthday party,” says Pilgrim. “We're seeing a lot of big milestone birthdays. Any of those 10 year ones—30, even 35, or 40—are becoming really big ones.”

Landmarks On The Road To Others

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to party, Southerners are increasingly celebrating smaller occasions leading up to a main event. The blowout associated with getting married is no longer limited to the wedding. We’re also going above and beyond for every step on the road there. 

For example, ahead of the wedding, there will be festivities for all sorts of milestones, from proposing to the wedding party with a grand gesture to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, which have largely transformed into weekend-long major shindigs, as Pilgrim observes.

“Every step of the way is being celebrated,” she says. “There's an engagement party, bridal showers, honey-do showers. Then, there’s even all of the events surrounding the wedding weekend. There's usually a welcome party and a rehearsal dinner, a post-toast from the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day, the post wedding brunch.”

The same goes for celebrations leading up to a birth. In 2023, we won’t be holding back on the festivities when it comes to announcements, gender reveals, baby showers, or second-child sprinkles. Then, once the baby is born, you can bet we’ll be keeping the party going with sip-and-sees to continue to share the joy with loved ones.

News, Any News

“Graduation parties are back in a big way for just all sorts of degrees. It's not just your bachelor's and high school anymore,” says Pilgrim. But that’s far from where it ends. “We're even seeing divorce parties.”

Good news? Bad news? Who cares? It’s time to celebrate. Rather than letting moments pass in quiet cheer, in 2023, Southerners are sharing life’s occasions with their friends and family.

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