Recipe: Wonder Wings

We all love gathering around the tailgate to celebrate our teams, but arguably the best part of tailgating is the food. Tailgating food in the South is like no other – we have slow-cooked barbecue, pimiento cheese, sliders, Rotel, meatballs, signature cocktails, and, of course, chicken wings. Wings are the quintessential handheld appetizer, and we don't mind getting a little sauce on our faces when it comes to these juicy, flavorful Wonder Wings. We've used an indirect-to-direct heat grilling technique to crisp up the exterior of the wings, while still keeping that tender interior. When it comes to sauces, these Wonder Wings are versatile – and none of these options will disappoint.

If you're looking for a creamier sauce, try out our classic Alabama White Sauce. This regional dipper is made with mayonnaise, Creole mustard, and apple cider vinegar, and it's a local favorite. To bring your wings a little heat, turn to our Buttery Nashville Hot Sauce. Smoked paprika, brown sugar, and butter make this recipe an easy crowd-pleaser. And, finally, for a more exotic flavor, coat your wings in our Vietnamese Peanut Sauce. With flavors of garlic, fish sauce, and toasted peanuts, this crunchier sauce is the perfect palate pleaser against heavier tailgating dishes. Whichever you choose, these Wonder Wings are a great item to elevate your menu.

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