While we like to indulge in its fried counterpart from time to time, roasted chicken is one of those staples that can be used for easy weeknight dinners, thrown on salads for extra flavor and protein, or just snacked on just about any time. If done just right, a whole-roasted chicken should have juicy meat, crispy skin, and lots of flavor every time—and, even better, the process is mostly hands-free and pretty hard to mess up! This foolproof method for how to roast a whole chicken only takes some seasoning, herbs, and fresh lemon and oranges to yield a deliciously juicy chicken with a perfect hint of citrus to keep it fresh and light. Try this simple recipe, and you’ll never want to go back to buying prepared rotisserie chicken from the deli again. And, for a little bonus flavor: use tasty leftover drippings for a finishing touch to any of your roasted chicken recipes or as a soup-starter.

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