When we're picturing cozy Southern comfort food, a bowl full of steaming Chicken and Dumplings comes to mind. These oh-so-Southern chicken and dumplings take under an hour to prepare, and the dish is certainly worth the flavorful, hearty result. This top-rated recipe is a little soupier than other chicken and dumplings recipes, but we promise that the rich, warm broth is worth every bite. Make this weeknight dinner in just 55 minutes, for a recipe that's easy and oh-so-Southern. 

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As the name suggests, this classic chicken and dumplings recipe will satisfy the whole family. A bowl of chicken and dumpling soup can warm even the chilliest winter days. These homemade dumplings contain just five ingredients: self-rising flour, poultry seasoning, shortening, milk, and bacon drippings. Although they seem a little unnecessary, the 2 teaspoons of bacon drippings add another layer to the dish with their salty flavor. If you don't have any bacon drippings on hand, you can substitute 2 tsp. of butter and 1/4 tsp. of salt into the recipe. We've also added rustic flavor to the deliciously creamy dish with spices like thyme and garlic. You can save money by boiling and cooking the chicken at home, and this also creates a savory broth that you can only get from scratch. If you're short on time, try picking up a deli-roasted or rotisserie chicken to shorten the recipe process.

Start this recipe by bringing a whole chicken, water, and spices to a boil in your Dutch over. Cook this mixture over medium heat to ensure that your chicken stays nice and tender. Once you've gotten it to a boil, reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer. If you like a brothier chicken and dumplings, you'll want to cover the chicken completely in the pan. If you'd rather have a thicker sauce, you can use less water in the pot – just be sure to check and rotate your chicken!

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