These deliciously tender, juicy, smoked chicken wings will definitely give you something to squawk about. While you don’t have to be a pitmaster to whip these up, they do come out looking positively professional if you follow these easy steps from The South's Best Butts author Matt Moore. And, we can all agree that there’s something inherently satisfying about licking sloppy fingers after eating a perfectly smoked chicken wing. So, fire up the grill! 

By placing the wings on a slanted rack above lump charcoal, you’re ensuring enough distance between the wings and heat for a longer smoking and cooking process. The low-and-slow method – a trick of Southerners everywhere – ensures that the meat remains super moist and fall-off-the-bone tender, with a deliciously melded and crispy skin that is heavily seasoned with a simple spice rub. Smoked paprika, along with a good bit of salt and garlic powder, plays the dominant role in this fragrant BBQ rub, which is a great complement to chicken's mild flavor. Don’t be shy about trying this classic smoked chicken wings recipe beyond the tailgate—we’d love to chow down on these tender wings as a party appetizer, an elevated breakfast option, or even a new holiday tradition.

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