Setting up the tailgating table is much easier when you've got these flavorful, hand-held sandwiches in your repertoire. If you're eager to grill out but find yourself tired of the same old burgers – try switching up your menu to include Buffalo Chicken Sliders. Want to add spice to your backyard barbecue? This buffalo chicken sandwich will be your new go-to. You make the chicken patties, the hot sauce, and the delicious blue cheese condiment – but it won't take you as long as it sounds to pull together. This recipe is a crowd-pleaser for just the right amount of heat, juicy chicken, and a creamy cheese sauce for tang. Serve a platter of these sliders with your favorite sliced raw vegetables, some simple potato chips, or even grilled vegetable skewers. An added (but unexpected) bonus to this dish? The recipe is actually relatively light, with each serving clocking in under 400 calories.

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