Recipe: Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Roasted Potatoes and Green BeansThis kid-friendly meal will be a winner with grown-up too.
Greg DuPree

For the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, I made the Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans. I'll admit that my challenges started at the grocery store. Yes, that's when I decided to read the ingredient list and realized that I am not all that familiar with a lot of everyday ingredients. I am sure many of you can relate. For example, I wondered, for at least the twentieth time in my life, what exactly a shallot looks like? I envision a green onion but I know, after being corrected numerous times, that it is not a green onion. Some things I'll never learn.

Jeanne Dozier Clayton @JeanneDClayton

I decided to skip the shallots. Neither of my children will eat anything that resembles an onion, or food that could have come close to touching one.

After figuring out the difference between Italian parsley and flat leaf parsley, French green beans and American green beans, I made it home safely with my ingredients. It was 5pm on a Sunday evening.

Dinner was served at approximately 8:30 pm. An observant person will notice that those green beans don't look roasted. They weren't. Those were steamed in the microwave. I did roast green beans but ate the delicious ones while I was cooking the chicken tenders. Yes, they were that good! I did have a few challenges with the chicken tenders (a batch may have gone bad) but the dinner that my family and I eventually enjoyed was indeed delicious. The moral of this story: people who do not usually cook, should stick to simpler recipes.