Tabitha Brown Partners With McCormick Again And Launches Line Of Salt Free Seasoning Products

“We can bring each other back to the table.”

Tabitha Brown Seasoning Mix


Tabitha Brown won over America’s hearts with her online pep talks, life lessons, and by taking us along in her kitchen as she made delicious food, that just so happened to also be vegan

While she’d been building a following before, it was during the pandemic that her star really took off. We collectively needed someone just like her to guide us through those dark days and lift our spirits. Since 2020 we’ve seen Brown appear in television shows like The Chi and For The Love of Jason, and land some pretty big commercial deals with brands like Target, and McCormick. Now, she’s expanding on that partnership with the juggernaut spice company and introducing five new salt-free seasoning products. 

“The partnership with McCormick was completely organic. It started in 2020 when I was doing content and I did a live session cooking one of my favorite garlic pastas and using all McCormick’s seasoning. They loved it, right. And they absolutely just let me be Tab and have fun with my people like I always do when I’m cooking live. And then they asked me if I would want to do something bigger,” Brown explained to Southern Living in a recent interview. 

The North Carolina native went on to explain that this opportunity was a dream come true. 

“I had been trying to develop my own seasonings for years by myself because I’ve been cooking since 2017. I had like a couple hundred thousand fans that I had grown organically before the pandemic, and they were like ‘oh we want some of your seasonings because you are rarely ever using salt. How do you do that? We would love for you to create your own blend.’ So when McCormick said that, I was like oh my God. Yes!  I would love to create a seasoning.”

That first collaboration brought a little Sunshine into our kitchens during some of the darkest moments of the pandemic. “I thought, well you know what, I know people know that I love garlic powder, but I think, right now, everybody needs a little bit of sunshine. And they need to feel like we’re on vacation even though we’re at home.”  Sunshine by McCormick is a mix of spices that do just that, take us on a tropical vacation. Spices like ginger, thyme, turmeric, red pepper, allspice, and cilantro are mixed with notes of maple syrup and pineapple. 

Now Brown’s partnership with McCormick is expanding and they are giving us five new products including two seasoning blends coming to shelves and Amazon this spring and three recipe mixes rolling out later this summer. This is the first time the brand has produced salt free seasoning mixes, and it’s something Brown is incredibly passionate about. “I know that everybody is just trying their best to do their best and so I’m just trying to help them make another decision. Maybe this is a healthier option you might want to try. Maybe you do a meatless Monday, or you just want to season without salt today. But it is still delicious."

The five new offerings are all named playfully based off of some of Brown’s signature sayings. “Everybody knows when I cook I say, ‘like so, like that’ and I make everything I can taste like bacon. So Like Sweet, Like Smokey, that’s how that came to be. The Very Good garlic because I love garlic, but I always say things are ‘very good.’ I’m always telling people ‘that’s my business,’ so Taco Business, Burger Business, and Sauté Business was just a natural way to name everything. And I didn’t know if McCormick was going to love that or not but they did!”

Here is the full line up for the new Tabitha Brown line with McCormick:

  • McCormick® Like Sweet Like Smoky All Purpose Seasoning brings that irresistible blend of sweet and smoky flavor to your meals. Tabitha trusts this seasoning to make almost anything taste like bacon and adds a special kick to some of her favorite things like collards, mushrooms, and carrots, of course!
  • McCormick® Very Good Garlic All Purpose Seasoning is loaded with garlic to add savory, salt free flavor to veggies, pasta, marinara sauce and so much more. This is the garlic seasoning Tabitha reaches for in her kitchen.
  • McCormick® Taco Business Seasoning Mix is salt free and made with robust spices like paprika, cumin and chili peppers. Turn any day of the week into taco night – because that’s your business.
  • McCormick® Burger Business Seasoning Mix is a savory salt free blend made with herbs and spices, veggies, and natural hickory smoke flavor for all types of burgers, whether plant-based or not – because that’s your business.
  • McCormick® Sauté Business Seasoning Mix is a salt free blend of fragrant spices like garlic, ginger and cinnamon along with sesame oil for added flavor excitement. Add savory flavor to any vegetables – because that’s your business.

“What I really want people to take away from my partnership with McCormick, all the seasonings, all the blends, is that we can bring each other back to the table. We can make one meal everybody can enjoy. We can sit and we can gather together no matter what we’re eating.”

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