Southerners Have Perfected 2023's Biggest Design Trend

Remember when everyone told us to put away our so-called clutter, that minimalism was in and here to stay? It was around the time that every wall became ship-lapped and interiors were a sea of beiges, whites, and greiges. For those with the foresight to stick through the décor drought, knowing the tides would soon turn back to the knick-knacked, layered, and perfectly composed design that Southerners are famous for, well, your time has come. While everyone is jumping aboard the trend that has many names (maximalism and grandmillenial among them), down South we’re still sitting pretty in our surroundings that we continued to add to while the rest of the country was paring down. Call it trendy if you must, but for us it’s just who we are.

We’ve seen a tidal wave of décor trends sweep through recently that emphasize interest, coziness, and above all else, a space that truly reflects those who dwell in it. Grandmillenial style with its layered patterns, wallpaper, and plush sofas ushered in a new phase in décor that had been lacking in recent years. The modern farmhouse aesthetic had a grip on the home design scape for a while, so bringing in pattern, layering textures, and creating environments that were no longer crisp and clean but cozy and nurturing might have seemed a bit shocking. What was perhaps the most surprising aspect of it all was how much it seemed to resonate. It turns out, these highly personal and inviting spaces were just what the doctor ordered. 


What Is Maximalist Decorating?

The idea is relatively simple: It’s all about creating a space that has the appearance (if not in actuality) of being collected over time. There’s an emphasis on each and every bit of real estate being utilized, whether a nook under the stairs that morphs into a reading spot, or a tucked-away corner that becomes its very own feature with a petite collection of china displayed on the wall. The eye can wander around and never lose interest. Sound familiar? If you find yourself looking around at your home this very minute to find what was just described, congratulations, you’re a trend setter and might not have even known it. 

The Maximalist Appeal Today

The reason why the rest of the country seems to be taking hold of something we’ve known for many years likely comes out of an urge for comfort. In times when we’re looking for our homes to be even more of a respite than they’ve ever been, it’s less about crisp and clean, and more about objects that are loved, remind us of a special memory, or evoke certain feelings. Every piece has a history and a purpose, even if it’s just to give us a momentary feeling of the warm and fuzzies. More is more might pertain mostly to the visual for the design industry, but in our Southern homes, the more we’re talking about is all about how our spaces make us feel. And that’s something that will never go out of style. 

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