The Wise Saying Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Said So Often, He Had It Framed

When mama McConaughey talks, we listen.

There’s a lot we can learn from Matthew McConaughey’s mama. Fortunately for us, she’s willing to share. And, with help from her daughter-in-law, 91-year-old Kay recently offered some powerful words of wisdom via social media. 

After initiating an Instagram Live on her account Thursday, Matthew’s wife Camila handed the floor over to Kay.

Model Camila Alves, honoree Matthew McConaughey and mom Kay McConaughey

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

"So what did you want to share with people today?" she prompted her mother-in-law, noting that Kay wanted “to talk” in the caption. 

"I wanted to tell people about a saying that I said to my three boys over the years,” Kay explained, looking into the camera. “It's, 'Are you going to see the rose in the vase or the dust on the table?'"

"I had said it so many times that Matthew, my son, made a frame—a really, really, really big frame—and he put on it, 'Are you going to see the rose in the vase or the dust on the table?' And then he put a mirror in the frame, and it's in my house and so every time I go down the hall, I have to have a look at myself and see it," she said.

"So that is a thought for the day for you. It is so easy to make that your thought. Doesn't just have to be today," Kay concluded. 

This isn’t the first time Kay, A.K.A. MaMac, has appeared on Camila’s instagram account to share advice. In January, she shared a video of the matriarch offering tips on aging in honor of her 91st birthday.

“Don’t stress,” she insisted. “And also, eat proper. Eat clean, eat very clean. And also, exercise.”

Well, there you have it folks! Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer for more advice from MaMac.

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