Pretty Table Style

Use decorative house plants to set a beautiful and inviting table for your next dinner party or open house:

  • This homeowner used a beautiful old Irish pine sideboard as her "stage" for a luncheon buffet. The sideboard was already positioned underneath an attractive arrangement of framed botanical prints.
  • She brought out the yellows and greens of the prints by pulling together several lovely houseplants, including a couple of yellow orchids and placing them in yellow glazed containers.
  • Besides adding an exotic, tropical look to the decorations, orchids are a practical choice: The blooms will usually outlast an arrangement of cut flowers.
  • To hide the houseplants' plain clay pots, the homeowner used a mix of attractive baskets and stoneware containers, all available from garden centers and flower shops.
  • She supplemented the sparce orchid leaves by setting small foliage plants inside the ornamental glazed containers. Then she filled open spaces and covered the container edges with bits of Spanish or decorative sheet moss.
  • Colorful yellow and green plates and other serving pieces arrangement atop a coordinating monogrammed cloth complete this fresh, simple and appealing display.

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