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Plan Your Trip to the 2013 Idea House Directions


4133 Whites Creek Pike

Nashville, TN 37189

  1. Head southwest on Broadway toward 12th Ave N
  2. Follow signs to I-40 West/I-65 North toward Memphis/Louisville
  3. Merge onto I-40 W/​I-65 N to Memphis/​Louisville. Continue to follow I-65 N
  4. Keep left to continue on I-24 W, follow signs for Clarksville/​Interstate 24 W (4.1 miles)
  5. Take exit 40 for TN-45 W (0.2 miles)
  6. Turn left onto Old Hickory Blvd (2.1 miles)
  7. Turn left onto Whites Creek Pike

Parking will be on your left. Follow signs to the Idea House.