Outdoor Room You'll Love

If your property includes an outdated separate garage or storage building, consider remodeling it into a spectacular outdoor room.

This incredible outdoor room/patio/entertaining area used to be a run-down garage full of metal scraps and debris, whose tin room was caving in. But when the building was cleaned out to reveal three near-perfect stacked-stone walls, the homeowners had a vision of what it could become.

  • An exposed truss system of cedar beams took the place of the roof. The columns and the structural cement cross beam were clad in cedar veneer to keep the look cohesive.
  • A doorway, which leads to a fire pit and water fountain, was knocked out on one of the end walls.
  • To feel more intimate, large, open spaces such as this one need to be divided into rooms. This room features grouping of comfortable outdoor armchairs around a round outdoor dining table―perfect for an al fresco meal or simple conversation. There's also an area for reading or napping, with a comfy, double chaise lounge.
  • Larger containers of lush plants are grouped at varying heights to give this outdoor retreat scale. Large furniture will appear diminutive if not surrounded by bold plants.
  • Even in triple-digit temperatures, this outdoor room stays comfortable. Shade trees, ceiling fans, and wisteria vines, trained on monofilament connected to the trusses, help cool the space. And of course, the rock walls and concrete floors reduce the outside heat dramatically.

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