Update with Wallpaper

A boring powder room takes the chill off an all-white color scheme, and gets a feel-good makeover with grass cloth and grosgrain ribbon:

  • Surface Smarts. Our homeowner hated the colorless lack of personality in his hall bathroom/powder room. So, he decided that the walls offered the biggest canvas for change in this small space. He chose grass cloth wallpaper, which retails for around $100 per single roll. The homeowner hired a professional hanger to install four double rolls, since hanging grass cloth can be quite tricky. The natural variations in tone add interest and depth while the texture softens a once stark room.
  • Beyond Borders. Chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon adds a finishing touch. The homeowner installed it horizontally along the top and bottom of the wall, and vertically at the corners. The project required about 32 feet of ribbon with a total cost of about $60.

    A first attempt to attach the ribbon using glue adhesive such as Glue Dots didn't work well, so the homeowner turned to carpet tape. The strong, double-sided adhesive sticks to a variety of surfaces and is water-resistant. One roll is less than $10, and the project required slightly under 3 rolls.
  • Embellished With Extras. The simple, clean lines of the cabinet worked right into the overall look that the homeowner wanted. But since the cabinet hardware of the previous décor was also white, he chose new hardware with a metal finish.

Placing a lamp on the countertop is a great way to cast soft light in a powder room where it need not be as bright as in the master bath. The reflective surface of the silver urn base and a large mirror also add shine.
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