Containers Make the Space

You can have a yard, or you can create a garden―the difference is in the planning. Here are some smart ideas to create a beautiful backyard space:

  • If your lawn and garden area are visible from several rooms in your home, make the view as pleasant and seasonally varied as possible.
  • Be aware of sunlight, and choose the right plants for the exposure. The lovely poolside garden shown here makes great use of three different selections of caladiums in one large bed. Each of the three selections has a color in common with the others, which creates a bright, well-planned appearance.
  • Container gardening certainly makes a garden interesting, and allows flexibility of plantings. They also offer gardeners the chance to try plants that may not grow in the ground itself. However, placement is key or the look can become cluttered. Make sure each container has a purpose and that it works with all the other containers.
  • Containers dry out faster than a garden, so check for water needs every day.
  • Feed containers regularly to keep them flourishing. A product such as ferti-lome Start-N-Grow can be sprinkled on, and when the blue crystals disappear, it's time to add more. So simple!
  • Add coarse gravel to the bottoms of the pots to ensure adequate drainage.

These Southern Living editorial tips presented to you by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives