These Faux Tulips Are So Pretty Even Mama Will Think They're Real

And they're just under-$20 on Amazon.

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faux tulips

Anna Price Olson

In the shopping world, you know you’ve scored something good when a friend asks about it, and you’re like, “Oh, let me send you the link to order!” This has happened to me not once, but twice, in the one week I’ve had the viral faux tulips in my living room. Yes, they are that good. 

As someone who loves flowers, I treat myself to fresh blooms about once a week at the grocery store and will even make a special trip to Trader Joe’s in the springtime for the in-season tulips. While this habit brings me joy and adds a pop of color and life to my living room, it begins to add up over time. Which is why, at the encouragement of my coworker, I decided to order the faux tulips that everyone has been talking about from Amazon. 

With 20 stems and an under-$20 price tag (that varies depending on the color), it's no wonder that Mandy’s Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers are the #1 best-selling artificial flowers on Amazon, with more than 13,000 5-star reviews. I selected the light pink, which came out to $19.99, meaning I got tulips to last through spring at less than the cost of two grocery flower runs.

faux tulips

Anna Price Olson

To my delight, my package arrived the very next day thanks to Amazon overnight delivery. When I opened the box, I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find textured, truly lifelike flowers inside. According to Amazon, the petals are made of soft polyurethane (PU)—a material I’m no expert on. What I can say, though, is that whatever the material may be is working because the blooms appear perfectly imperfect in a texture that is somehow not paper, not plastic, and not rubber. 

My 20 tulips were delivered in two bundles of 10 stems each. With the first few, I decided to put them in one of my favorite vases for tulips—it has a small mouth, so it holds unruly stems upright well—and cut the stem to height for the specific vase. While I love the shape of this vase, and will leave it on my coffee table, this was probably a mistake in retrospect. With the remaining tulips, I folded the bottom of the stem to the correct height instead of permanently cutting the tips. Folding worked just as well as cutting, but this method does require a colored vase or one that hides your handiwork well.

faux tulips

Anna Price Olson

The tulips come in a rainbow of colors—from white to yellow, orange, teal, red, and multiple shades of blue, pink, and purple—that will work in any room or tablescape. I'm contemplating ordering the white for my bedroom next. I must like them (almost) as much as the real thing because I wasn’t even tempted to buy flowers at Publix last night! 

amazon faux tulip flowers


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