My Wavy Hair Is Notoriously Tangled, And This Hair Mask Helped Me Unknot It Faster Than Ever

It’s just $36.

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I have notoriously long, tangled hair. It can never quite decide if it wants to be curly or straight, and thus it lives in the no-man’s-land of a wavy, mixed texture. To complicate matters further, I’m an identical twin, meaning I cling to ways in which I can differentiate my identity—and appearance—from my sister. She keeps her hair short and straightened; therefore, I’m always growing mine out. But to keep my beachy ‘do sustainable, and not yank out chunks of hair each time I attempted to run a brush through it, I needed a go-to hair mask. Once I moved to a dry climate, especially, all bets were off. When I discovered the Luseta Glossy Pearl Hair Mask, all my prayers were answered.

As a product reviewer, I liberally test skincare, hair care, and beauty products. There are so many and I go through them pretty quickly. So when the brand sent me its Glossy Pearl Hair Mask, I hoped for the best.

 Luseta Glossy Pearl Hair Mask


BUY IT: $36;

This smoothing, hydrating treatment was made for damaged and frizzy hair. After two years of neglecting it, my hair was in desperate need of some tender loving care, which fit the bill. The formula is also free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten. Oh, and did I mention that it’s color-safe?

The hair mask itself is a rinse-out product, meaning you’ll put it on, wait a few minutes, then rinse it out. I generally have very little patience for that kind of use, preferring leave-in conditioners, but decided to give it a try. So I likely spent less time letting it sink into my hair than the brand recommends, but I immediately felt a difference—and for a hair product, that was a dramatic observation. (Normally, I expect long-term benefits but not short-term.)

When you twist off the cap, the treatment itself is thick and goopy. Despite my hair having a lot of—let’s say personality, it’s actually pretty thin, so I was anxious that the weighty formula would immediately make my hair look greasy. 

Rinsing it out was a sensorial experience. I love when a hair mask or conditioner makes my hair feel silky to the touch, like a curtain blanketing my shoulders. The mask felt luxurious against my fingertips, and knots loosened as I worked it through my hair. No matter what it looked like when I got out of the shower, its rich feel and detangling finesse would make it great for when I had a particularly stubborn section of hair that my brush couldn’t work through.

Upon letting my hair air-dry, it had a much softer, healthier feel. My head was lacking a little volume that I prefer in my look because of the weight of the formula, but I immediately resolved to use it at least once a week for healing my damaged hair. Over time, this routine has worked for me, putting my hair in noticeably better condition.

Admittedly, I have a tough time keeping up with any extra hair maintenance requirements, which is why I appreciate the touch of this silky mask. The Luseta Glossy Pearl Hair Mask feels so good to use that I actually do. Most importantly, it helps me to detangle and take care of my long, wavy hair, a texture that’s consistently resisted many of my attempts to wrangle it. 

Shop the Glossy Pearl Hair Mask for just $36, and notice a significant difference.

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